Dec 20
  • Welcome to Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom was Established in 1993, Animal Kingdom prides itself on being one of South Africa’s largest and finest pet retailers. We aim to cover all aspects of a pet store. We stock one of the biggest selections of fresh water, marine, inverts and live plants as well as having an all round selection of animals such as dogs, cats, birds, spiders, rodents and an interesting selection of reptiles and exotics. Our range of equipment and accessories for your hobby and love of animals is massive and of an international standard.

  • About our Animals

    The reason we started Animal Kingdom was due to our love for animals, this is why we strive to be all about whats best for our animals and yours.

    With our animals we try to have the best possible enviroment and give them the greatest care and love while they are with us. With your animals we try to stock the best quality goods and the biggest possible range. So you have a selection of goods and accesories to satisfy you and your animal.

  • Services

    We offer the following services :

    Free advice - Water tests - Testing equipment - Cutting birds wings/nails

    Sexing snakes - Boarding of small animals and birds - Renting a variety of goods

    Sourcing of fish, reptiles, spiders, dogs and b...

  • Products

    Stockist’s of:

    Superpet, NT Labs, Arcadia, API, Karlie, Marc Weiss, ProPac, Rogz, Prodac

    Fish Mate, ZooMed, AviPlus, Penn Plax, Bob Martin, Biokill, Daro, Animal Talk

    Charlie Fox, Marltons, Multipet, Frescopet.

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Pretoria: (012) 991-4872/99   JHB Hillfox (011) 679-5310/11